Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance careers encompass multiple jobs, which involve monitoring of compliance with appropriate  regulation(s), documenting and determining the nature of regulation violations, recording compliance and non-compliance,  compiling reports, and participating in disciplinary hearings and actions. The types of regulations enforced can be federal,  state, or municipal, and can pertain to environmental, safety, sewage, or health concerns, among others. Regulatory  Compliance professionals may do site work, laboratory testing, or interviews, as well as provide interpretations and  specifications of regulations to those are doing work governed by regulations, and are attempting to apply those regulations to  their particular situations.

Sample Job Titles:

Compliance Officer, Compliance Investigator, Enforcement Officer, Environmental Compliance Officer, Environmental Protection Specialist, Regulatory and Compliance Engineer, Environmental Quality Analyst, Oil Program Compliance Specialist, Waste Management Specialist

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Compliance OfficersCompliance Officers/Environmental Compliance Inspectors (13-1041.01)


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