Three categories of occupations: 1.) Clinicians 2.) Scientists 3.) Non-Clinician Specialties 

Interdisciplinary/Interprofessional jobs in public health include jobs that typically require additional training (license,  certification, or registration) and/or an additional degree beyond the MPH, BSPH, DrPH, PhD (or other public health degree).  Clinical professionals include public health/registered nurses, public health/preventive medicine physicians, public health  dentists, public health veterinarians, physician assistants, public health pharmacists, and dieticians/nutritionists, as well as counselors and therapists such as social workers or mental health counselors. This cluster also includes roles that require a  graduate degree in a discipline outside of public health. There are scientific and research roles such as laboratory scientists, microbiologists, virologists, parasitologists, and food scientists/technologists that require degrees in the biological or other life  sciences, and other non-clinician specialty roles such as lawyers, urban planners, or engineers.


Sample Job Titles:

Clinicians: Public Health Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse, Home Visit Nurse, Infection Preventionist, Public Health Physician, Medical Officer, Medical Director, Public Health Pharmacist, Public Health Social Worker Scientists: Vaccine Researcher, Virologist, Parasitologist, Entomologist, Disease Ecologist, Geneticist, Food and Drug Research Scientist, Food Chemist, Food Scientist or Technologist, Hydrologist, Health Physicist Non-Clinician Specialties: Public Health Lawyer, Urban Planner, Food Engineer, Environmental

O*Net Links:

Dietitians and NutritionistsHealthcare Social WorkersNursing Instructors and Teachers, PostsecondaryNurse Practitioners Registered NursesClinical Nurse Specialists Preventive medicine physicians (including Public health physician)Dentists, all other (including Public health dentist)Veterinarians (including Public health veterinarian) Medical Scientists, Except EpidemiologistsBiologistsHealth Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All OtherMental Health Counselors Urban and Regional Planners Health and Safety Engineers, (Except Mining Safety Engineers and Inspectors)Lawyer Physician AssistantsEnvironmental Engineers Microbiologists Pharmacists Food Scientists and TechnologistsBiological Scientists, All Other


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