Health Policy, Economics

Health Policy/Political Science and Economics experts study two related, but separate, aspects of public policy. Health Policy  experts focus on governmental policy, legislation, programs and operations, understanding the current landscape of policy,  developing theory on the effects of policy, and evaluating the impact of such policy. Economists focus on the socioeconomic  impacts of governmental policy, and may also focus on particular areas of interest such as finance, labor, or agriculture.  Economists provide an understanding of how markets work, and may give forecasts about potential developments within  markets, as well as develop standards and guidelines within which organizations may operate. These jobs can be found within  industry, academia, and government. Depending on sector, these professions can involve teaching, research, dissemination of  information to the public, or development of policy.

Sample Job Titles:

Health Policy Analyst, Political Scientist, Health Economic Outcomes Analyst, Economic Analyst, Research Analyst, Insurance Analyst, Policy/Healthcare Consultant, Pharmacoeconomics Analyst, Legislative Analyst

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