Health Education

Health educators assess the needs of learners/trainees in terms of (public) health-related educational material, develop and  disseminate educational materials, evaluate the impact of educational materials, and train others in the delivery of such  material. This work can take place in collaboration with community or civic stakeholders, medical or clinical professionals, or  academic partners. Information can be disseminated in a variety of media, from bulletins and reports to web pages, focus  groups, or course materials.

Sample Job Titles:

Teacher, Health Educator, Training Specialist, Education Administrator, Curriculum Coordinator, Instructional Technologist, Health Promotion Consultant, Community Health Education Specialist

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Health EducatorsTraining and Development SpecialistsInstructional CoordinatorsMiddle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical EducationEducation Administrators, Postsecondary


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