Health Communication

Two categories of occupations: 1.) Writing, Publishing, and Editing 2.) Public Relations, Marketing, and Mass Communication 

Health Communication comprises jobs that involve communication from within an organization to those outside an  organization, with a view to delivering a particular message, sharing an organizational identity, and shaping public relations.  These jobs can involve interaction with internal stakeholders; in ensuring that company rules and legal obligations are met, or  communicating organizational plans. They will also involve interaction with external entities in the form of press releases,  reports, promotional publications, videos, press conferences, and brochures. Writers, Publishers, and Editors may be  responsible for the creation of written materials and development of technical reports. Public Relations, Marketing, and Mass  Communication personnel will be involved more in interaction with external entities by presenting the outward face of the  organization and working with clients.

Sample Job Titles:

Communications Director, Communications Consultant, Science Communication Associate, Public Affairs/Relations Director, Account Supervisor, Brand Manager, Marketing Director, Technical Writer, Documentation Specialist, Community Engagement Manager, Health Equity Coordinator, Journalist, Health Communication Specialist, Interpreter/Translator, Health Promotion Coordinator, Digital Communication Specialist, Health Educator

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