Academic/Research Administration

Academic and Research Administration professionals are responsible for the functioning and day-to-day operations of higher  education and research institutions. Academically, such professionals work on curriculum and faculty development, budget  planning, hiring and training personnel, creation of policies, preparation of reports for relevant authorities, and promotion of  the institution, among other tasks. Such administrators may also engage with students and staff through counseling/coaching,  providing crisis intervention, arranging financial aid, resolving disputes with other students, staff, or faculty, maintaining student records, and providing career and professional development/training. These jobs are found in academic/research  institutions including colleges of medicine, colleges/universities, schools of public health, or graduate schools

Sample Job Titles:

Academic Advisor, Career Advisor or Counselor, College/Guidance Counselor, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Provost, Registrar, Director (various departments), Program Director (various), Program Coordinator (various), Program Manager (various)

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